Worlds End and Hurricane Irene

Worlds End and Hurricane Irene

I’ve been going through my backlog of raw video – only a mere decade’s worth – and decided to use the footage from my trip up to Worlds End in 2014 for a quick video.

Back in 2011, Hurricane Irene and Tropical Storm Lee (am I even supposed to capitalize that) slammed into the Loyalsock Creek and caused heavy damage to the area, resulting in landslides and permanent terrain changes.

Two floods hit the park in 2011, the first from Hurricane Irene on August 29, and the second from Tropical Storm Lee on September 8. Lee washed away about 20 to 22 short tons (18 to 20 t) of gravel used to make emergency repairs to roads in the park from Irene damage. Loyalsock Creek reached 20.4 feet (6.2 m) south of the park, and campers in the park had to be evacuated.[39] Worlds End and Promised Land State Park had “significant damage to roads and bridges”, damage to Loylasock State Forest roads was also heavy, and the DCNR estimated the two storms caused $3 to $4 million of damage to its forests and parks.[42] Worlds End was closed for two weeks after the Lee flood.[43]

Unfortunately, my cruddy camera at the time died and I couldn’t take any still shots, but here’s a decent one from Wikipedia:

Photo by Ruhrfisch on Wikipedia
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