About The Grotto

About The Grotto

The team at Jolene’s Grotto enjoy squeezing every second out of life. Whether it’s digging through a mud patch with Ragnarok, diving hundreds of feet down into the water or getting that priceless picture-perfect shot, we enjoy sharing our stories with you and hope you find them interesting!

The Team


Eddie has always had the adventure bug, but it really started biting in 2017. Growing up in a family that enjoys travel and in an area that exposed him to acres of woods to explore, he developed a deep appreciation for nature and the joy of stepping out of his comfort zone. With a hand towards reducing his footprint on the world, Eddie is passionate about sharing the importance we all play in making sure the marvels of the world are preserved for future adventurers. Starting with a trip to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina at the age of three, adventure found its way into his life, and Eddie is always excited to see what’s over the next mountain ridge and below the next ocean. Instagram: @romitoe


At the age of 16, she obtained her fabled Chevy S10, learning the joys of discovery by venturing to the next county. Now, many years later, Jolene travels the lengths of North America in her Jeep, The Ragnarok, looking for every remote forest, small town and big city that she can dig her tires into. If she's not on the road, then she can be found in her garage working on her project car or discovering life hacks to share.